• August 03, 2023
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Landscaping Trends in Orchard Park NY. -2023

Changes in weather conditions and global warming have led to the way we design our landscapes, and landscaping design services in Orchard Park NY. have noticed a difference in the way people like to design their landscapes. Traditional ways of landscaping have given way to more water-conserving landscapes. 

Rise in awareness of ecosystem

In traditional landscapes, there was absolutely no place for weeds, however increasing awareness with initiatives like “No Mow May” has created a sense of responsibility among the citizens to consider, having a patch of native shrubs to maintain the ecosystems. Making the birds, bees, and butterflies happy, is now becoming a trend. These native plants are strong and resilient; they do not need much chemicals to keep them protected. 

Sustainable gardens 

Trees that grow without much water and evergreen shrubs have picked up in style, as a need to conserve drinking water, many homeowners try to plant trees and shrubs that are evergreen and the ones that need less water, this brings down the burden of maintenance on the homeowners further reducing the cost of maintenance. Landscape companies in Orchard Park, NY. Will help you design a sustainable garden. 

Sports court Installation

Redefine Landscaping in Orchard Park, NY, is a trendsetter when it comes to Outdoor Landscape Designing. We design and install sports courts, so you can hone your athletic skills, improve your physical fitness, strengthen your family bonds, increase the value of your property, and spend very little on maintenance. This will be a self-sustaining space that is useful and appealing.

Installing a Patio that is spacious 

The new trend in landscaping designs in Orchard, NY. is bringing the indoors out as much as possible, this requires, spacious patios that can combine outdoor cooking with other entertainment areas, like reading or listening to music, installing a fire pit in your backyard, lets you enjoy your outdoors throughout the year, it also strengthens the family bonds and you tend to lean back a little more. Patios have replaced lawns in many homes to cut down on maintenance.

Rainwater harvesting

Landscaping companies in Orchard Park, NY. have been helping their clients to conserve rainwater. Rain cisterns have been introduced to conserve rainwater, these are cleverly designed to look like water features in your garden, making it both functional and appealing. 

Using huge garden pots

Big pots are easier to maintain and look exotic, and they require less water compared to smaller pots. We can help you design and install these giant pots which will look great on your landscape. 

Go Organic!

We help you in composting, use organic fertilizers for your garden, and minimize the use of chemicals to conserve the soil. We will help you grow eco-friendly gardens, and a landscape that is healthy, safe, and appealing. 

At Redefine Landscaping we work with you to transform your outdoor space into your personal paradise, with over 10 plus years of expertise our professional landscapers guarantee you the best possible landscaping services in Orchard Park, NY so that you can enjoy your outdoors!

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