Gardens And Plantings

Gardens And Plantings

Liven up your landscape with lush plants and flower beds with us!

  • Save money and avoid risks

  • Grow the right plants in the right spot

  • Benefit from a blooming garden year-round

  • Get expert garden maintenance tips

  • Improve the look of your garden

  • Best quality tools and equipment

Maintaining a beautiful, lush garden is easier said than done. Maybe you are a homeowner with a demanding schedule, an enthusiastic but clueless gardener, or are simply disinterested in yard work. Whatever may be your concern, our expert gardening designers Buffalo NY can help! We can uniquely define your space by carefully selecting and planting greenery. Our professionals will bring native foliage, trees, and shrubs to your property to accentuate your landscape. You can choose from an array of plants and setups to match the garden with your style.

To start the gardening process, our gardening designers Buffalo NY will first choose a location for the garden. The location must have an ample amount of sun, and space, and should be in close proximity to a water source. Before planting, we will prepare the soil by mixing compost and natural fertilizers. Next, we will place the plant seeds into the soil by carefully following the depth and space requirements. We will add a 2-inch to a 4-inch-thick layer of organic mulch to your garden to keep weeds from overtaking your plants.

Heighten up the curb appeal, color, and visual interest of your home with Redefine Landscaping. We can entice any vibe you want in your garden with our planting services – warm, modern, edgy, or a mix of all. With years of expertise, we have become experts in creating enticing and lasting planting beds and gardens in Buffalo. We can help you remove or replace dead or unwanted plants, transplant existing plants to another desired location, or enhance your landscape by adding new plants for a pop of color and texture.