Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting

Amplify the warm, inviting atmosphere of your property with elegant landscape lighting!

  • Better use of outdoor space
  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Showcase specific elements<
  • Makes your property secure
  • Significantly increase home value
  • Increase home safety

Having to stop the outdoor fun when the sun goes down is a huge bummer. You can’t socialize or hang around outside in the pitch darkness, after all. Luckily, with landscape lighting, you can use your patio or other outdoor space well after sunset. Let our expert professionals take the burden of lighting installation off your shoulders and illuminate your property like never before. By choosing us for landscape lighting Buffalo NY services, you will not only get high-quality fixtures and products, but an amazing variety of these to choose from.

To install ambient lighting on your property, we will conduct a comprehensive walkthrough of your area. We will understand your lighting goals to determine the vibe you are looking for. After the lighting plan is decided, we will create the landscape lighting proposal. We will start with the installation work approximately 3-5 days after you have approved the proposal. Once the installation is done, a final walkthrough will be done to test the lights.

Every landscape lighting project of ours is custom-designed and tailored to the needs of each property. The team of Redefine Landscaping will work closely with you to learn your outdoor lighting Buffalo NY requirements and desires. Bright or subtle, whimsical or glamorous, focused or scattered – we have the appropriate lighting fixtures to create just the right effect for you. Our outdoor lighting Buffalo NY services will ensure your property looks incredible at night as it does during the day – or even better.