Outdoor Fire Pit Installation

Outdoor Fire Pit Installation

Bring warmth and calmness to your backyard with fire pits!

  • Provides year-round enjoyment
  • Perfect feature for an outdoor lounge area
  • Provides a bright light in dark yard spaces
  • Serve as a fantastic kitchen
  • Super safe when used responsibly
  • Affordable for nearly everyone

There’s nothing more relaxing than sitting around a bonfire with your loved ones. But you deserve something more than the temporary fire pit on wheels. Your property needs a practical yet beautiful outdoor fire pit that can be enjoyed all year round. That way, when it gets cold and chilly outside, all you need to do is stock up a fire, enjoy some hot chocolate, and get cozy under blankets. Take your outdoor space to the next level with a custom-installed fire pit from Redefine Landscaping.

To build a fire pit, connect with our outdoor fire pit installation contractors. Let us know your fire pit vision as best as you can. We will schedule an in-house consultation soon after that. During the in-house consultation, we will discuss the best fire pit options for your backyard as well as the surrounding landscape. Next, we will prepare the contract and obtain the necessary permits. Once the contract is approved and signed by you, we will start the installation process. After the fire pit is done and set, our experts will do a final walkthrough to ensure everything is safe and sound.

At Redefine Landscaping, we make safety a priority. Our expert outdoor fire pit installation professionals ensure everything in the fire pit is designed in such a way as to keep the fire contained. Whether you plan to toast marshmallows with your kids over the open flames or enjoy a quiet conversation with loved ones while the fire crackles, we will design the outdoor fire pit that meets your idea of comfort. We will work with your design preferences to help you make your property more enchanting.