Sports Court Installation

Sports Court Installation

Call our team to build high-performance multi-sports surfaces in your backyard!

  • Hone your athletic skills
  • No waiting for court time
  • Encourages physical fitness
  • Strengthens family bonds
  • Increases the resale value of property
  • Requires very little maintenance

Think of the tons of benefits you and your family will have from an outdoor sports surface right outside your home. Having the ability to hone your athletic skills or simply maintain your physical fitness without having to travel to the gym or park is invaluable. It will also encourage your little ones to put down that game console and get a little adrenaline flowing. Laugh, play, and make fun memories in your own outdoor sports court with Redefine Landscaping. We can create outstanding designs for your backyard sports court that seamlessly blend functionality and aesthetics.

To start the installation process, our sports court contractors Buffalo NY will first visit your property. They will look at your area’s setback lines, the location of septic systems, and any large trees that could pose a problem in the installation. Thereafter, we will select a suitable large, flat area to place your sports court. After all the groundwork is laid, it would take our crew only a few days to install a full modular sport court. Painting lines may take a few hours. You will have to wait for two to three days to allow the paint to dry. After that, your sports court is ready for action!

Our sports court contractors Buffalo NY don’t just create a sports court for you. We create a safe and thrilling place for your family and kids that they will never outgrow. We can customize sports court logos, court colors, game lines, court surfaces, and court sizes. Simply choose your game, dimensions, accessories, and colors, and we will come up with great design ideas for your sport court installation. We quality check every sports surface that we create so that you can enjoy your family sports without any hassles.